Leslie Segrete is a true renaissance woman through and through. Raised in a family where creativity was truly nurtured, she found her skills early. Her mother taught her how to sew when Leslie was four years old and would assist her in making her Halloween costumes. By the time she was eight, Leslie was making and selling holiday crafts in front of her home when all of the other children had lemonade stands. Her parents got a real kick out of this and supported all of her dreams. Her father, an interior architect for retail spaces, showed her that with hard work and dedication not only could creativity thrive, but that it could prosper. From then on Leslie decided that a career in the arts was the right fit for her. It is so important for Leslie to show everyone that sewing is for all people. She wants people to know that sewing is not as scary as they might think. All it takes is the courage to try and not to be afraid to make mistakes. This holds true for all of the arts Leslie Segrete expresses herself in. She loves to sew, build, and create art in every medium including food. Trained as a Scenic Designer and a Professional Chef there is always something in the works in Leslie's mind and hands. Currently living in New York with her husband, Leslie enjoys entertaining her family and friends and all the joys of home.