My name is Leslie Segrete, you have know me for a few years on TLC's While You Were Out, where I have been building, sewing, and creating wonderful, fun, and ok, sometimes strange items for our contributor's homes. After four amazing years of production on While You Were Out, and myself having worked on almost 200 homes, it is sad to say that While You Were Out is no longer in production. That doesn't mean that you cannot surprise your own loved ones on your own just for the fun and the challenge of it. Just one word of advice; give yourselves a bit more than two days.

So, now what am I up to?

Well, now you can all watch me on TLC's Trading Spaces. I have been working on episodes as a carpenter and now also as a designer. I am so happy to be able to dream up the ideas, themes, and projects for the rooms myself, and most pleased to have someone else make them. Hee hee.

You can also listen to The Money Pit Home Improvement radio show either on a local station in your home town, by satellite radio, or download it using iTunes, your choice. Which ever way you choose to listen, you will always find great home improvement advice. If you have any do it your self projects or even dilemma going on in your home give us a call at 1-888-MONEYPIT and have your question answered on air.

I am so happy to hear from all of you, whether it is about something you have seen on the shows, project advice, or even just to say hi! Please continue to send your thoughts.

Thanks for watching, visiting, creating, dreaming, and just being you!

Have a fun day!

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